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The Story - A Backyard Book

The Story- A Backyard Book

In the summer of 2009, fourteen of Johnna’s good friends and former coworkers were laid off from their company. Most of them came to sit in Johnna’s backyard, one-by-one, to share with her their experience of shock, anger, sadness and fear.  She invited them to form a support group that then met for three months as they worked through their loss together.  As the group concluded the group members were ready to move on with their lives.  This support group model was then replicated in collaboration with the Larimer County Colorado Workforce Center as a pilot to see if it could also help folks who had been laid off and did not previously know each other.  The Pilot Study was highly successful as shown in the Pilot Project Evaluation Summary (Download Pilot Evaluation Here).

Johnna then trained ten facilitators for the Larimer County Workforce Center who then began and are continuing to offer From Laid Off To Living Support Groups.  During 2010 the Larimer County Workforce Center offered fifteen separate groups. From Laid Off To Living© Support Groups are now offered on a regular basis as one of the standard services. This group experience continues to have very positive results for the participants. They are now ready to take advantage of additional job search strategies as they prepare to return to the workforce.

As of December 2011, 56 of Colorado's 64 counties are offering From Laid Off To Living Support Groups© to their clients.

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Pilot Project at Larimer County Work Force Center - Evaluation Summary