Faciliator Certification

In order to insure that the From Laid Off To Living Support Groups© are effective they are led by From Laid Off To Living© Certified Facilitators.  These individuals are typically professionals who have counseling/ training experience and are employed by workforce centers or other entities that host From Laid Off To Living© Support Groups.  

The certification training is two or three days in duration depending on the skill and experience of the participants in facilitating.  The training includes an in depth review of the From Laid Off To Living© Guidebook, the ChangeBuilders™ model of change and other specific processes for managing the emotional transitions through this traumatic change of job loss.  Then participants view a video that demonstrates effective facilitation techniques and they learn those techniques.  Finally the participants demonstrate their competency in facilitating as they role-play presenting to and interacting with the other facilitators as though they were in an actual FLOTL Support Group.  

Once certified, these facilitators can then offer From Laid Off To Living© Support Groups and Workshops as outlined in their training.  They are not certified to train other facilitators, however.  Johnna Bavoso, author, and Diane Knight, Associate of The People Business, Inc, provide the Facilitator Training. 

A hosting entity, such as a workforce center, church or employment support center is then licensed to offer From Laid Off To Living© Support Groups and Workshops and may distribute the From Laid Off To Living© Guidebook to participants.  A License Agreement is made between each hosting entity and The People Business, Inc. 

For more information about upcoming Facilitator Trainings - please contact Marie Zimenoff.

Collage of Facilitators