Groups"From Laid Off To Living  has helped me navigate the emotional rollercoaster of being laid off. It moved me into understanding why I was having these, sometimes, seemingly conflicting emotions: scared, mad, excited, all at the same time! And most of all, I wasn’t the only one going through this daily barrage of feelings. The stories of the others presented in “From Laid off to Living” let me know that there were many of us sharing this same experience.  With the help of the book, I was able to put aside the anger and press on to a place where the future can be as exciting as anything I’ve ever experienced. And this time, I choose how my future looks."
- Michelle

“I refer back to From Laid Off To Living—even now that I’ve been through the Support Group.  After being unemployed for 15 months it is helpful to remind myself that the disappointment and discouragement I sometimes feel is reasonable given my situation.  I also find it helpful to refer to From Laid Off To Living when I am presented with the opportunity to advise a newly laid off acquaintance.” 

Groups"We are still meeting weekly, even now that the support group is over. We need each other's support and feel safe to talk about what's going on while we're still looking for jobs where there are none to be found."

- Cheryl

“From Laid Off to Living is a great program for someone who would like specific tools for dealing with being laid off.  As an engineer, I found the program to be therapeutic while it also gave me the knowledge to understand my situation and ultimately move on to bigger and better opportunities."
- BrettGroups

"I think the group is beneficial because it offers a way to process the grief of job loss. Having a position terminated definitely leads to grief. Last week we talked about some of the stages of grief. There is hope...."
- Bobbie

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