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In the summer of 2009, fourteen of Johnna’s good friends and former coworkers were laid off from their company. Most of them came to sit in Johnna’s backyard, one-by-one, to share with her their experience of shock, anger, sadness, and fear. She invited them to form a support group that then met for three months as they worked through their loss together. As the group concluded the group members were ready to move on with their lives.

Johnna then wrote From Laid Off To Living® licensing it to workforce centers to provide this training and support to their laid-off clients. As of December 2011, 56 of Colorado’s 64 counties and counties in California had used From Laid Off To Living® to support and then prepare laid-off folks to have productive lives. By 2012, other consulting opportunities took Johnna’s time and focus.

Then in 2018, in collaboration with Paul Langfield, a licensed therapist in private practice in Northern Colorado, From Laid Off To Living® was revised to include both the book and a new interactive, online program along with the optional service of Paul’s counseling.

So in 2020 with a proven track record it is time once again to help the thousands of individuals who are being laid off due to the CORONA 19 virus with From Laid Off To Living®, The book, interactive video program and the option for counseling with Paul can offer you and countless other folks a helpful guide on your journey From Laid Off To Living®


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