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Being laid off is an isolating event. Losing a job and the ongoing income from that job creates serious consequences for individuals and families. Losing the connection with coworkers and the support and sense of community that is an everyday experience is also very difficult.

From Laid Off To Living® Support Groups meet for two hours weekly for six weeks and provide a safe place for an individual during this very difficult transition. The Support Group also learns together how to manage the emotional rollercoaster, to restructure life without a job, and to focus on the future of new opportunities.

Sharon Watkins, Employment Training Specialist with the Montrose Workforce Center in 2012 had this to say after facilitating her first Support Group in Delta, CO:

“Based on the feedback I received directly from the group, the experience was uplifting and valuable for all concerned. They were very complimentary of the program content and said it was extremely helpful in guiding them in the direction they needed to go in order to move forward. One lady found work about mid-way through the sessions but scheduled time off each Wednesday morning because she said she was getting so much out of the program that she could apply to all aspects of her life….At the participants’ request, we’ve scheduled a follow-up lunch in early May so everyone can share how they’re applying the FLOTL concepts.”

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