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LinkedIn, resume, cover letters, and job searching platforms. There is a lot to know and do when starting the process of looking for your next thing!

Siobhan guides you through the tools and helps you develop your unique path to finding the right position for you.

This is an add-on program and the online interactive program is a requirement to participate.

You are an amazing combination of natural and hard-earned talents, and you want to put them to work somewhere that lights you up.

At the same time, there is a lot to figure out during a career transition. For starters:

  1. What are the amazing strengths you bring to your career?
  2. What work will truly inspire and fulfill you?
  3. How can you best showcase your talent through the job search process?
  4. What makes an awesome and authentic resume, LinkedIn profile, networking experience or job interview?
  5. How can you keep your energy up in a time of uncertainty?

No matter where you are in your career transition, our career coach has you covered. Schedule a coaching call to talk about what's going on and figure out your next steps. You’ll leave feeling heard, energized and clear about just what to do next.

Note that career coaching is an add-on to the online interactive program. Please be sure you have purchased that first or have it in your cart when you check out.

1 review for Career Coaching Session

  1. Dan

    I refer back to From Laid Off To Living—even now that I’ve been through the Support Group. After being unemployed for 15 months it is helpful to remind myself that the disappointment and discouragement I sometimes feel is reasonable given my situation. I also find it helpful to refer to From Laid Off To Living when I am presented with the opportunity to advise a newly laid off acquaintance.

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