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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment reached 14.7% in April of 2020. That statistic is a reflection of 20 million workers who were let go from their jobs.

Statistics help us understand the overarching impact of an event like COVID, but an unintended side-effect can also be dehumanization.

So let’s revisit that last one: 20 million folks just like you… just like your spouse, your sister, your next door neighbor, and your friend were told recently that the living they’ve counted on to sustain themselves securely and predictably in this world no longer exists! That’s not 20 million data points, that’s 20 million human beings.

At the peak of the Great Recession, unemployment reached 10%, compared to more than 14% last year.  While the job market has improved since April of 2020, the US is still significantly below pre-pandemic levels and, as you can see by the graph, recovery appears to be stalled since October.  

The historic videos and articles on this page remind us of the positive impact From Laid Off To Living® had during the Great Recession, and foreshadow the critical importance of the From Laid Off To Living® program now.


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